Lip&Dermal fillers

All you need to know and more


Dermal fillers are used to soften and fill lines, wrinkles and folds. Naturally when we age our skin loses its soft firm appearance due to loss of hydration and breakdown of collagen's in the underlying structural support system within the skin. Dermal fillers are a gel- like substance which gets injected into the skin to add more volume for a more youthful appearance.

Are dermal fillers for you?

Dermal fillers are an ideal solution if you wish to soften deep lines particularly in the mouth and nose area, enhance lip lines and thin lips and to lift the corners of the mouth.

We recommend coming in for a free consultation to see if you are suitable for the treatment first.

What will happen during the treatment?

The area in which you will be having the filler will be cleaned thoroughly and then an anaesthetic cream will be applied to help numb the area, this will be left on for a period before the filler is injected to ensure the best possible experience with the treatment. If you are having lip fillers we offer a dental anaesthetic block making the procedure painless. Once numbed, the filler is injected into the selected area with a small needle, dependant on which areas are being treated and the type of filler used, the procedure can take from around 30 minutes to an hour, but this may vary. Everyone’s recovery time is different, but most people can return to work straight away.

How long does it take for the treatment to take effect and how long does it last?

The effects are usually immediate, and you should be able to get an idea of what your final look will be like. In most areas what you see is what you get however in areas such as lips you will have swelling of the lips, but this will go down after a few days and you will be able to see the results. The duration of how long the treatment will last depends on the area but most fillers last up to 9 months. Lips are different and tend to last around 6 months this is due to subject matter of more movement within the lips which causes filler breakdown.

Are there any possible side effects?

Temporary redness, swelling, bruising or itching at site of injection. With lips there will be swelling for a few days. If you have a history of cold sores, then the fillers may cause a breakout however you can help prevent this by taking anti-viral medication. Allergic reactions are possible but not common. More serious but very rare side effects include blistering at the site, formation of granulomas and superficial necrosis.

Who can't have this treatment?

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women.

  • Cannot be used at skin sites where there are or have been active skin disease, inflammation or related conditions.

  • Anyone with allergy to Hyaluronic acid.                                                                                                  

Aging is a fact looking your age is not