IV Vitamin Drip

Everything You Need To Know And More


Vitamins and minerals are a staple requirement for humans to enable our body to perform at its best and for us to feel and look happy and healthy. The IV Vitamin drip allows us to replace the missing minerals and vitamins your body needs that your diet does not. Allowing you to achieve a multitude of health benefits.

  •  Wellness protocol A – this helps fight those free radicals

  • Wellness protocol B – this helps fight those free radicals

  • Age defiance – anti-aging from the inside out

  • Immune booster – reboot your system

  • Athlete sport- powering you to peak performance

  • Mood support- relax your mind and body

  • Detox fat burning – gorgeous on the outside

  • Hair tonic – hair nourishment and shine

  • Atp-energiser – a little healthy pick me up

  • Skin brightening – brighter over all complexion

  • Performance booster- rediscover your get up and go

  • Vitality booster – for a healthy body and mind  

What Drips Do We Offer?

Which Vitamin Drip Is Best For Me?

Please feel free to book in for a free consultation so we can help and advise you on what Drip is best for you.

Aging is a fact looking your age is not