Filler Reversal

Everything You Need To Know And More


The Procedure

This is an advanced procedure in which specially formulated enzymes are used to breakdown any unwanted filler which may have been used incorrectly or excessively.

After injecting the selected area for reversal, the enzymes will begin to dissolve the filler within 2 minutes and will restore the patient back to their original face conture. The desired level of correction/reversal can be chosen by monitoring the level on enzymes being injected, with the larger level eliminating the filler. Enzyme injections are best delayed 7 days after the filler has been injected to allow for short-term treatment related swelling.

Am I Suitable For Reversal?

This depends on what sort of filler you have had. If you have had HA fillers then you should be suitable, but we always recommend coming in for a consultation as every individual is different.

Side Effects

There are rarely any side effects however some people may experience slight bruising and we also note that if you have ever or are allergic to bee venom please do not to have this procedure.

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